Acting her Age

The past week or two it feels like Eva has actually begun to grow up a bit, I say this because two things happened out of the usual mare behaviours that she normally has. Firstly, we started clipping Eva just before the "beast" hit and Eva ended up being snowed in for a few days. … Continue reading Acting her Age


Dressage || Improving Our Score

I see myself as much more of a show jumper or even an eventer despite the fact that I haven't done a cross country course since 2012. I never really thought of myself as a dressage rider, I was in fact told off by a dressage instructor once for "riding like an eventer". However one … Continue reading Dressage || Improving Our Score

BEVA – Don’t Break Your Vet!

At the start of February the BEVA (British Equine Veterinary Association) launched "Don't Break Your Vet" week. This was primarily in relation to a study which highlighted the occupational risks that vets have working with horses and showed that a "significant proportion of equine vets will, at some point in their career, end up unconscious … Continue reading BEVA – Don’t Break Your Vet!