2018 | Goal Setting|

Obligatory blog post for a new year number 2…. What we hope to achieve this year.


As always I like to have a plan going, and moving into the new year is a point where everyone starts making plans. Dare I say it “New year new me”. In the end new years resolutions or goal setting in general are nothing without a plan.

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As Eva and I are currently doing a bit of everything, in the ideal world I would have my own lorry and I would be getting Eva out eventing, but in the circumstances I am in, I am making the absolute most of the competitions on site, which there are plenty of. So without further ado lets jump straight in…

2018 Goals

  • Schooling : Move off the leg

This is a major one that we have been really trying to sort this year and while she is better we still havent got that quick response I am looking for and when she gets tired I revert to my incredibly sh*t habit of nagging but to be fair on myself I barely do that these days as I tend to catch myself. So something I am considering buying is a set of spurs so that I get a reaction when I put my leg on. To be honest she might explode with absolute fury when I try them but I feel like if I can sit through that and she calms down, she will learn very quickly.

● Dressage: Achieve + 70% in a Prelim test.

We will only achieve this by gaining experience and that will be done by entering the dressage competitions held regularly at the yard. Therefore the entry fees for these will have to be added to my monthly budgets.

● Dressage: Do one Novice test ?

This might be a bit too much but if we are hitting the +70% mark by the middle of the year then by the end of the year I don’t see why we wouldn’t be attempting at least one Novice test.

● Showjumping: Compete in a 90cm class.

There are quite a few Senior C2 competitions at the yard this year, this means the starting height will be 90cm therefore really we want to be fine with jumping 1m before we tackle these courses. At the moment we are happy at 80cm when competing and we could do a 90 at one of the jumping nights if I get brave pants on but we need a little more touching up on various things before compete at that level.

● Compete in one arena Event.

There is one at the end of January which we are aiming for!

● Blog Goal – Expansion

During the course of the next year I would love to expand this blog a little more, I know I have only just passed the six month mark but I do love posting and Im tempted to invest in a half decent camera mainly for my own enjoyment but also to assist with bringing in a higher standard to this, and I also think I might try another Vlog at some point.

I would also love to sit my 7.5t lorry test, but I will need to see if I can save up enough for that as the test costs in the region of £500

Do you guys have any plans for the new year ?

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