We were doing so well!!

Today I decided to get brave.

No bare with me.

Not “oh that is clearly going to end in tears brave”, not “come on, why do that? Type of brave”.

We decided to go out on a different hack. One that we had been on with our friend but not alone.

So off we went. Out on to the road for the first part.

Barely 2 minutes down the road. We met a tractor coming up behind. My first thoughts were “ah shite this was a bad plan“. So I sat up tall relaxed my legs and kept her walking. The tractor went past and …. she was a star.

In fact she relaxed quite nicely on the hack. So towards the end of the new part we had the option to join up on to our usual route so I decided – as I want to get her fitter – doing a little bit extra wont do us any harm.

On part of our usual route there was a combine harvester in the field beside the track, which I didnt notice before deciding to do the extra part.

So yet again I sit up tall, ask for an outline and… we happily trot past. We had a little look but no hysterics.

So on the last straight towards home which is at least a mile long at the top of which are the fields and past that is the yard. I thought we coud have a small canter then walk the rest. Something we have done plenty of times before.

I ask for canter and off we went. The canter slowly got faster. And I think to myself “hmm if she spooks Im gone” so I pull up a little and she does slow down.

Then in slow motion we spooked and tripped and went in to gallop.

The spook sent me side ways the trip sent me forwards. So as she is cantering along my face is level with her face. Of course she panics like “Mum why is your face there!?!”

So she spooks again and I land on the ground. And shes off to home

The adrenaline kicks in I get up and run.

Guys, I will hold my hands up here. I am not a runner. I can play good solid games of badminton and I am riding fit but running fit, I am not. I could see her at the fields introducing herself to the horses in the individual padocks so I knew she was ok and I know she is smart so will mostly likely make her way to her own field. Plus there was no way I would make it there in time if she decided to go else where so I give up running and opt for a fast walk/slow jog.

I took my phone out and try to call people at the yard so they can stop her if she decides to make her way towards a road but unfortunately my phone had no signal so I kept up my fast walk/jog.

I could see her standing outside her field as I reached the top of the track it is only at that point do I think “Wait am I ok?” but then realise I have done more running than I have done in years therefore would of noticed if something was hurting.

When I eventually get there the saddle is under her belly and there is a stirrup missing other than being very sweaty and a very small cut on her leg she is fine. She caught straight away and we both dragged ourselves in to the yard.

I gave her a good hose down and cooled her down. I am defiantly planning on going on the hack again if anything I am far more annoyed that I lost a stirrup and stirrup leather than anything else!

14 thoughts on “We were doing so well!!

  1. Oh darn it. You were almost there. But well done you. Glad you were both okay. I fell this week as well doing something we’ve done hundreds of times before. The only truth equestrians have is that falling is an eventuality. But it sounds like she was a star!

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    1. Yes exactly getting on means there is only one thing that will 100 % happen and that is getting off again whether that be gracefully dismounting or getting some air time before meeting the ground๐Ÿ™ˆ๐Ÿ˜‚

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  2. Shame, sounded like the hack was perfect up until that point! But glad you’re both okay!! The last time I fell off out hacking my horse tried to run to the big road rather than let himself be caught!

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    1. Its very much take a deep breath and go for it for me because if I dont do it straight away I will start finding excuses like “oh Ill wait until the weather is a little nicer” ๐Ÿ™ˆ


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